Barton Group AZ

The Barton Group AZ

1stbarton group logo JPGTina & Cody Barton
Tel Number: (480)242-3079
Launched in January 2015, The Barton Group with HomeSmart is committed to helping home buyers and sellers in East Valley Arizona achieve their goal to get to the closing table with the least hassles & surprises.

 Tina Barton, Realtor, CDPE SFR

Tina Barton realtor

Founder, The Barton Group
Direct: (480)242-3079
Email: tbartonsellsaz@gmail.com


About Me: Honest, reliable, and philanthropic – these are the three qualities I would use, to sum up, my personality. Brought up in Northern California in a big-hearted family, I have always loved helping people and contributing positively towards society since my childhood. Thus, right after college, I began my 17 year-long career in the Medical Field and also served in supervisory positions whenever I was called upon (I can’t recall how many stray dogs I might have saved and continue to do so whenever need be). However, after marrying my high school sweetheart Ron, I moved to Arizona in late 2000 with my two beautiful kids and opted to pursue my very own entrepreneurial venture in the Real Estate Industry.

Where I Am: After personally facing immense difficulty in finding reliable and honest realtors to locate the best possible house for myself, I decided to join the industry to add positive value and help individuals across the state find the best possible properties without a single worry. Thus, with a successful 10 year-long experience in the real estate industry of Arizona now, I can, without a doubt, declare to be one of the best assets you can get in contact with to put your real estate needs at bay. Whether you wish to either sell a property or buy one, I, with my wealth of knowledge and personal contacts, can delight you with my services and ensure you are not cheated in any way. In my leisure time, I love spending time with my lovely 23-year-old daughter and my young and handsome 20-year-old son. You can also normally catch me working out at my neighborhood gym or taking part in a charitable movement to save endangered animals in Arizona. Moreover, whenever I get the time, I also enjoy helping my husband Ron grow his personal business (www.advancedsurfacesolutionsllc.com) of tile and carpet cleaning to beautify the homes of Arizona and educate families on how to increase the life of their flooring.

Where I Wish To Be: With the aim to delight clients with my knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, I aim to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in the most transparent, reliable, and cost-effective way. In 2015 I embarked on a new journey to help more buyers and sellers achieve their goals. The Barton Group was born out of my passion to mentor others and teach the proper ins and outs of real estate transactions. My goal is for The Barton Group to become one of the top-ranked and most trusted realtors of Arizona within the coming years, and I try to move towards this goal every day I wake up. I also enjoy meeting new people and absolutely love catching up with my old clients. You can feel free to send me a personal message at tbartonsellsaz@gmail.com or contact me directly at (480)242-3079.

Cody Barton

cody barton -realtor

Realtor, The Barton  Group
Direct: (480)242-2459
Email: codysellsaz@gmail.com

Born on the northern side of California, I have had an innate passion for entrepreneurship and improving the community from an early age. At the age of 5, I moved to Arizona and within 13 years, at the age of 17, I found myself entering the direct sales business. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a business mind, I produced massive results and ranked as one of the top 50 earners in the world in this company at the age of 19, soon after which I finally decided to seek career opportunities in the real estate industry in Arizona. From setting up one of the highest revenue-generating networking marketing businesses to writing books and delivering motivational speeches at several schools, I decided to enter the real estate industry of Arizona to help individuals find the best property for themselves and to improve the industry as a whole. With the vision of “under-promising and over-delivering”, I seek to help families find the best homes for themselves (or for investing purposes) and put their distress away.

In my leisure time, I enjoy playing soccer, reading and learning how to develop myself, working out at my local gym, and spending time with my family members and friends all of who I highly cherish.



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